New Hope For Victims Of Back Pain

By Allan Chapnik | October 3, 2018

It was with much excitement that I read the article in the Toronto Star headlined: Renowned spine surgeon is transforming the way Ontario deals with back pain.

It looked at how a world-renowned Canadian surgeon has been at the forefront of a new way to treat people suffering from back pain.

This ailment is one of the most common for those recovering after a car accident.  Too often people have to wait (sometimes years!) to see a specialist to discover if they require surgery.

In this innovative program, by surgeon Dr. Raj Rampersaud, patients were able to be seen faster at what are called “rapid assessment clinics”.

In fact, more than 7,000 patients have been treated in Ontario with the average wait time to get into a clinic of only 12 days!

Congratulations to Dr. Raj Rampersaud and thank you to the Toronto Star for highlighting this important advancement and offering hope for the many people who are having to suffer unnecessary pain every day.


Allan Chapnik is personal injury lawyer with the Pace Law Firm. Allan’s focus has been in representing the injured and disabled with a focus on brain injuries, catastrophic impairments, fatalities, and claims regarding long-term disability insurance. Allan has appeared at trials, arbitrations and appeals in the Superior Court of Justice, the Divisional Court, the Court of Appeal, the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, the Canada Pension Plan Review Tribunal, the Capacity and Consent Review Board, and in Federal Court. He can be reached at