Toronto immigration lawyer Andy SemotiukToronto immigration lawyer Andy Semotiuk: Investors who are thinking of coming to Canada no doubt wonder where they’ll get the most bang for their buck. The numbers in this story say that they should take a good look at New Brunswick:

What explains the company’s steady growth? Mr. Donovan points, in part, to his decision to base Gogii in Moncton. “You can get smart people for less money,” he said during an interview in his downtown Moncton office, which is decorated with numerous statues of cartoon and movie characters, including Superman, Batman and Yoda.

“I pay an engineer $40,000 to $65,000, while in San Francisco they pay $120,000 to $200,000.”

Mr. Donovan travels to San Francisco — the hub of mobile technology — every couple months. During a visit to the Bay Area in March, he looked at some office space.
“I wouldn’t put my dog there. It didn’t even look safe,” he said. “And they wanted US$200 a square foot. I pay less than $15 in Moncton. It’s very quick math to realize the benefits of this area.”

Moncton, population 145,000, is gaining a reputation as a business-friendly city. In March, KPMG’s Competitive Alternatives 2014 report ranked the city as the most competitive in Canada for doing business. It is Moncton’s second straight year in the top spot. Charlottetown placed second. In all, Atlantic Canadian cities took four of the top five spots.

This is a helpful insight for would-be investor immigrants to Canada since it pinpoints where in Canada such investors are likely to get the most return for their investor dollars. New Brunswick immigration seems like a good option. Be sure to read the whole article.

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