Al Pace

by Al Pace – Pace Law Firm: I am pleased to announce that Mr. Michael Nwanna, founder and president of Genuss Investments Ltd in Nigeria, has accepted our invitation to join our team as Special Advisor for Nigeria and Western Africa.

Michael’s extensive experience in Global Migration and Business Development is an excellent complement for Pace Law Firm’s Immigration Programs, as well as for business facilitation of our associate company, Pace Global Advantage.

With our combined knowledge and experience, we can offer prospective clients the highest level of service in the rapidly emerging and very important markets of Nigeria and West Africa.

I am also pleased to announce that the Right Honourable Gerry Weiner, Canada’s former Minister of Immigration and Citizenship, has accepted to lead this initiative. He will be visiting Nigeria at the end of June to meet community and business leaders, and persons interested in Canadian opportunities. In the interim, please do not hesitate to contact either Gerry Weiner or Michael Nwanna directly to set up an appointment or a phone conversation prior to Mr. Weiner’s arrival in Nigeria.

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