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London Personal Injury Lawyers

We’ve extended our legal expertise to clients in Ontario, including London, for over 30 years. Our personal injury lawyers in London are comprised of members devoted to providing caring legal advocacy to our clients in their time of need. We are empowered with the confidence and the expertise to contend with insurance companies in the most challenging situations without fear. We’ll successfully obtain the compensation you deserve!

London Accident Facts

Highway 401, which runs from Windsor to London, Ontario was nicknamed, “Carnage Alley”, in the 90’s due to the number of accidents that took place there. Windy weather conditions on this road due to its location is where unexpected fog banks, heavy rainfall, and white-out winter blizzard conditions seem to arrive out of nowhere!

There are an estimated 80 deaths on Highway 401 every year and over 50 of them occur in “Carnage Alley”. The highway was recently broadened and concrete walls were installed at its shoulders, which reduced traffic fatalities, but this portion of the highway still hosts numerous accidents that occur yearly due to its treacherous weather conditions.

How Our London Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You

Our London lawyers have extended our legal expertise to victims of serious and catastrophic injuries in accidents that result in brain and spinal cord injury, chronic pain conditions, and to people who are suffering from a long-term disability. In fact, our legal team includes former insurance adjusters and medical professionals!

Our personal injury lawyers in London can help you if you’ve been injured in a:

  • Slip & Fall Accident
  • Car, Motorcycle RTV, or ATV Accident
  • Public Transportation Accident
  • Athletic Accident
  • Dog Attack
  • Defective Product Liability Accident
  • Ski-doo, Snow Sled, Boating & Jet Ski Accident
  • Other Negligence Accident

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After being seriously injured in an accident, getting well is the most critical matter to consider, but it’s also vital to respond quickly to safeguard your legal rights. We’ll handle your legal matters while you concentrate on recovery.

We understand your concerns during this difficult period and our London lawyers strive to accommodate your needs while you recover from your injuries. We can guide your legal decisions and will advocate for your best interests!

To make meetings easier, we’ll visit you where it’s most convenient for you in the Greater Ontario area, including at the hospital or at home. We offer office locations throughout the Greater Toronto area in convenient locations, also.

Our personal injury lawyers in London offer clients the accommodations listed below:

  • Free introductory case analysis
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  • We speak 32 languages
  • Home & Hospital Visits
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