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The Ontario Provincial Police recently released statistics surrounding vehicular accident rates in Ontario. Between 2005-2014, road deaths in the amount of 3,500 have resulted from accidents on roads patrolled by the Ontario Provincial Police. Young men had the highest collision rates, as well as the highest death rates. Between 2005-2014, twice as many young men (2,358) have lost their lives in collisions as females (1,146).

Between 2005-2014, in Ontario, the Ontario Provincial Police investigated 3,091 accidents on the road that resulted in fatalities in which 3,504 people died. Drivers made up 2,425 (69.2 percent) of those who were killed, 809 (23.1 percent) people who died were passengers, and 270 (7.7 percent) were pedestrians who were struck by a motor vehicle.

Death rates are significantly lower than accidents in Ontario that result in a minor, serious, or catastrophic injury, but the fact remains that accidents happen and sometimes they simply can’t be avoided. In fact, when All State Insurance Company conducted its second yearly “Ontario Safe Driving” study, which compiles a top 50 ranking of locations in Ontario and their accident rates, the study found that locations with the highest accident rates were within 45 minutes of Toronto, which includes Collingwood.

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Pace Law Firm’s personal injury lawyers have helped thousands of Ontario citizens with their claims. We know this is a difficult period for you and your family. We strive to advocate for you legally while you concentrate on recovering from the injuries sustained in your accident because that’s what’s most important at this time. Our personal injury lawyers in Collingwood are ready to help you today.

Thousands of injured people have entrusted their legal advocacy to us and we have not failed them. We offer several convenient office locations in the Greater Toronto area, including in Collingwood and serve clients in the area. Not only do we offer convenient office locations, but our Collingwoood personal injury lawyers will meet with you in a location of your convenience in the Greater Toronto region, such as at home or at the hospital. We hope this makes this difficult period much easier for you!

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