Law Times Looks At FSCO Backlog

By Pace Law | January 14, 2013

I’m pleased to say that I was quoted in the Law Times regarding the backlog at the Financial Services Commission of Ontario:

Albert Conforzi of Pace Law Firm thinks the challenging aspect of the arrangement will be in the quality of the assistance given. “The mediators at FSCO have great training and experience and a knowledge base that they bring to mediation. My concern is whether or not the ADR Chambers mediators, although no doubt properly trained mediators, have a sufficient knowledge base to deal with the nuances of the accident-benefits regulations.

“We who use the FSCO system regularly go for the specialized knowledge versus the trials and tribulations of going to court where you may get a judge with very little experience with accident benefits. If you end up with an ADR mediator or arbitrator, it may lead to a result that you wouldn’t otherwise have got. The jury is still out.”

You can read a couple of my posts that deal with the FSCO backlog here and here, too.

Albert Conforzi is a lawyer with the personal injury law firm of Pace Law in Toronto.