Important Message for Egyptian Copts

By Marwa Badra | February 4, 2011

by Marwa Badra – Pace Law Firm: I understand that due to the current situation in Egypt, many Egyptian Copts are under a great deal of stress and uncertainty. This has led to some opportunists taking advantage of the situation to serve their own interests.

I have been contacted today by several Egyptian Copts. They have received an e-mail in Arabic telling them that the embassy in Canada has launched a special immigration program for Copts in Egypt. The email tells them that the program will only remain available until February 8, and they are strongly advised to “act now.” The email contains a link, which leads to Case Specific Inquiry on the government website. The message also prompts everyone to forward the message to friends and relatives.

Be advised, there has been no official announcement by Canadian government officials, including the Minister of Immigration, with respect to an emergency program for Egyptians. Therefore I urge everyone to refer ONLY to these reliable websites for information: Government of Canada, and Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, or leave a comment on this blog and I will reply.