As our lawyers have reported many times before, distracted driving is a serious problem in Toronto and across Ontario. The government has decided to tackle the problem again, by raising the fine for distracted driving by more than $100:

Ontario is boosting the fine for motorists who are caught driving while distracted by a cellphone, MP3 player or other electronic devices. 

Including surcharges, the current fine for distracted driving is $155 but it will jump to $280 on March 18 after Ontario chief justice Annemarie Bonkalo authorized the new amount last week. 

Drivers who receive a summons or who contest their ticket by going to court may face a costlier fine if they are found guilty. 

This is the first time the fine amount has increased since the ban on handheld devices came into effect in October 2009. 

There are no demerits points and police do not confiscate handheld devices.

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