Richard Braudo


Richard J. Braudo is a Toronto-based lawyer whose principal focus is on the application of mental health law in civil and criminal matters.

With respect to civil matters, Mr. Braudo represents clients who have hearings before the Ontario Consent and Capacity Board and the Ontario Review Board:

  • for motions regarding the appointment of guardian for property where persons are unable to manage their property;
  • for persons who are litigation guardian for someone incapable of acting in a legal proceeding;
  • of counsel to lawyers who are acting in a civil matter where a mental health issue arises.

For criminal matters, Mr. Braudo represents clients facing criminal charges in which mental disorder is a mitigating factor, whether or not the charges qualify to be before the Toronto Mental Health Court or the  accused can be found NCR for the index offence(s). Mr. Braudo also acts as Of Counsel to lawyers in criminal matters in which a mental health issue arises.

Mr. Braudo previously served as a legal member and alternate chair of the Ontario Review Board for  12 years and 4 years, respectively. He sat for more than 700 ORB decisions, writing or editing reasons for decision for more than 400 of these decisions.

Mr. Braudo has professional relationships with a number of senior forensic psychiatrists in Ontario, and is himself a CAMH Foundation Transforming Lives Award recipient (2010). Mr. Braudo has demonstrated an unconditional commitment to supporting persons suffering from mental disorder and working towards eradication of the stigma attached to mental illness. He has demonstrated a unique capacity to communicate effectively regarding legal matters with forensic and treating psychiatrists, as well as persons suffering from a mental disorder, including persons suffering from clinical or major depression, bipolar disorder (depression, mania, hypomania or rapid cycling), schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder. Mr. Braudo has demonstrated a unique ability to communicate with persons experiencing florid mania or psychosis.

  • BA Economics & Philosophy, University of Illinois, Chicago
  • MA /  PHD Candidate Economics, University of Michigan
  • LLB Faculty of Law, University of Toronto

Mental Health Law

Civil Litigation

  • Law Society of Upper Canada
  • Ontario Review Board (2001-2012)
  • Canadian/Toronto Association of Business Economics
Richard Braudo

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