Distracted Drivers Cause More Deaths Than Drunk Drivers Or Speeders

By Pace Law | March 4, 2014

Last year, distracted drivers caused more deaths in Ontario than drunk drivers or speeders. This report from the OPP lays out the details:

Distracted driving has surpassed speed-related and impaired driving as the leading cause of fatalities on Ontario roads, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) says. 

In an OPP report the regional police force says a total of 78 drivers died in 2013 stemming from distracted driving-related collisions, eclipsing impaired driving deaths (57) deaths and speed-related deaths (44). 

“When you consider the overall impact of these 78 fatalities last year and the 325 other distracted driving victims who have died since 2010, the number of people these irresponsible drivers have had a profound and devastating impact on is in the thousands,” OPP Deputy Commissioner Brad Blair stated in an OPP release. 

The OPP plan to launch a formal distracted driving campaign beginning March 8, running until March 14. 2014. The regional police force will additionally focus on enforcing distracted driving laws throughout the period province-wide, coinciding with Ontario’s recent fine increases that will see drivers not paying attention to the road fined $280, up from $155.

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