Dispatches from Egypt – Day 11

By James Metcalfe | June 7, 2011

by James Metcalfe – Pace Law Firm: The newspapers here are full of stories about politicians and prominent businessmen being charged with corrupt practices, and being detained or sentenced to long jail terms. Stories of ministers selling property to friendly developers at prices well below market value appear to be the most common.

A new shady practice for corrupt politicians and their pals is appropriating luxury cars that are being held for payment of import duties, then turning around and giving these cars to family and friends.

The prosecutors appear very adept at ferreting out the deals and following the money trail. Many government leaders – including several Ministers – who saw the hand writing on the wall have decamped to Europe, England, and the USA.

Nobody seems to know where it will all end, but there is no talk of an amnesty for confessing and forfeiting ill gotten gains. Time will tell.