Plaintiff Class Actions

Pace Law has over 40 years of experience in representing ordinary people in taking action against large organizations and institutions

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Our class action team takes on tough, complex matters that has caused harm to a common group or class of people. Pace Law takes the lead in: due diligence in the investigation of claims; framing suite and moving motions for claim to certification; notifying and interviewing members of a class; brining matters forward to trial and when required, appeal; and distribution of settlement funds.

  • Sexual Harassment and Bullying

    Sexual harassment is unwanted verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature leaving a person feeling embarrassed, offended, intimidated or unsafe.

  • Employment matters

    A class action may be appropriate for a group of employees dealing with wrongful dismissal or issues related to benefits or pensions.

  • Aboriginal Rights

    Indigenous rights are inherent, collective rights that flow from the original occupation of the landing that is now Canada. Indigenous rights include the right to independence through self-determination regarding governance, land, resources and culture.

  • Product Liability

    Product Liability cases deal with inferior or dangerous merchandise. Manufacturers may be liable if they did not use reasonable care in the design, or manufacturing of products or if they falsely represent their products.