Long Term Disability payments are meant to provide income when you cannot work, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you will be able to pay your bills, even if you are ill or injured. Long Term Disability benefits are an irreplaceable support system for hard-working Canadians.
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Long Term Disability – three words that starkly express the frustration and suffering that the impact of an injury or illness can have in dramatically changing your life. It is hard for anyone to imagine a personal and working life turned upside down, until it happens to you. And then, when the peace of mind of Long Term Disability benefits is torn away by denial or early termination, the suffering of illness or injury is compounded by the chaos and panic of financial crisis.

Don’t get caught in the labyrinth of Long Term Disability claims.

Pace Law Firm is a Long Term Disability law firm, Toronto knows will fight for your rights. We are known for our formidable advocacy and strong representation on behalf of our clients. We make sure our clients get the benefits they deserve. We are respected by lawyers, judges, and even the insurance companies we sue.

Understanding Long Term Disability Insurance

Claims for Long Term Disability typically arise when you suffer physical or mental injury or illness that renders you unable to perform your normal duties at work. The nature of the injury or illness may prevent you from re-entering the workforce for a prolonged period of time, or permanently.

Long Term Disability benefits are the payments you receive from the insurance company to replace your salary or wages during the period you are unable to work due to disability resulting from injury or sickness. Essentially, Long Term Disability payments replace a portion of your income until you are able to return to work.

If you suffer from a Long Term Disability and have concerns about whether you are getting the financial support you are entitled to, get in touch with our lawyers immediately.

Our lawyers help clients with matters related, but not restricted to:

  • Wrongful denial of Long Term Disability claims
  • Wrongful termination of Long Term Disability benefits
  • Improper calculation or recalculation of the benefit amount
  • Requiring unreasonable retraining efforts
  • Requiring unreasonable medical treatment
  • Requiring unreasonable medical examinations
  • Negligently misunderstanding medical evidence
  • Deliberately misunderstanding medical evidence
  • Breach of privacy rights of claimants and their families


Disability Coverage

The situation varies from person to person and employer to employer, but generally speaking, most people will be entitled to some or all of sick days or salary continuation paid by an employer, Employment Insurance (EI) paid by the Government of Canada, then Short Term Disability benefits and Long Term Disability benefits paid by an insurance company under either a group policy arranged by the employer, or a private policy previously purchased by a disabled claimant.

Under group policies, disability benefits are often payable for two years if the claimant cannot perform the duties of their own occupation, and after two years if they cannot perform the duties of any occupation that is reasonably suitable. Private disability policies may follow this common arrangement, but they can also be quite different. Whether it is a group disability policy or a private disability policy, it is always important to check the policy itself for the specific terms and conditions—as they can vary considerably from this format.


An Unfair Fight To Get What You Are Owed

The process of obtaining and keeping Long Term Disability benefits can be difficult, confusing, and opaque. As Long Term Disability claims lawyers with over 35 years of experience, we have seen it all.

It is all too common for sufferers of long-term disabilities to face unfair denial or termination. Sometimes, the insurance companies even get the benefit amount wrong.

To get your due from Long Term Disability insurance, you need to engage experts who know this area of the law and will provide you with the guidance and support you need.



Pace Law Firm prides itself on its ethos of “client-first”; and there is no better proof of that than how we handle Long Term Disability claims. Our lawyers take on the burden of fighting for your rights, letting you concentrate on long term treatment and healing.


A Long Term Disability Lawyer Who Knows More Than Just The Law

Our lawyers come to you to understand your specific needs. It is by spending time with you, and with our decades of experience, that we are able to help you meaningfully. You will deal with professionals who are well-versed in Long Term Disability claims law and are committed to making sure you get the benefits you’re entitled to.

Our long term disability injury lawyers have many stories of getting clients the benefits they were entitled to, even after wrongful denials and terminations by their Long Term Disability insurance companies. Our Long Term Disability practice protects you from the intrusive and labyrinthine insurance claims processes, and makes sure you get the fair and proper treatment that is owed to you.

Whether you are facing unreasonable and unsuitable demands for medical treatment, or being required to partake in training or work that is wholly unsuited to your medical condition or natural abilities, we can help.


The Disability Claims Lawyer Toronto Knows Will Fight For You

Insurers can be quite aggressive when it comes to reducing their liability for paying long term disability benefits. From wrongfully triggering clauses in your Long Term Disability insurance policy that will reduce the amount of your benefit, to stopping payouts altogether for minor or even imagined breaches of condition, insurer misconduct is, unfortunately, all too common.

There are numerous instances of adjusters employing unsavoury and downright deceitful tactics to make your disability appear less serious than it is and, on that basis, cut off or deny you benefits. You do not have to tolerate such misconduct.

Having a long term disability lawyer fighting for you from the very start is very important.

Make sure you have on your side a disability lawyer in Toronto known to protect the rights of Long Term Disability sufferers.

Long Term Disability Lawyers Who Protect Your Rights

As we have seen in our many years as disability lawyers, Toronto has become the locus of Long Term Disability insurers’ misrepresentations and misconduct. Some of their tactics have included: requiring work or training that is wholly unsuited to your qualifications, skills and abilities; invasive and onerous medical examinations; and other coercive efforts to downgrade your benefit status.

As a law firm with unparalleled resources – both legal and medical – we will make sure you do not fall victim to such tactics. You can rely on our lawyers to look after you.

Major Victory for Your Right to Take Legal Action

In a hotly contested case against a major insurer, Pace Law Firm litigator, Allan Chapnik, successfully protected the right of a claimant to challenge her ‘Denial’ before the courts. It was a resounding victory for claimants!

Allan Chapnik headshot

About the case

2014 Insurer stops paying benefits
2017 Client hires Pace Law Firm
2018 Pace Law Firm sues insurance company. Insurance company says lawsuit should have been started by 2016 and client is out of time to sue for benefits (limitation period defence).
2019 Insurance company asks court to throw out lawsuit for being filed too late. Court decides insurance company is wrong and Pace Law Firm and client are right! The lawsuit lives!

Protecting the Right to Sue

Pace Law Firm litigator, Allan Chapnik, successfully argued the motion for summary judgment and kept the client’s right to a lawsuit alive. The Ontario Superior Court of Justice found in her favour; the limitation period started running in 2017, not 2014—as the insurer had argued.

This summary judgment decision is important precedent for all Long Term Disability claims.


Get in touch with a long term disability lawyer in Toronto and discuss your concerns confidentially.

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Pace Law Firm is easily accessible across Toronto, the GTA, and the entire Province of Ontario. We serve clients across the province and are integrally involved in securing the Long Term Disability recoveries they deserve.

Our lawyers are here to help you get back on your feet – no matter how long it takes. Give us a call to discuss your specific Long Term Disability claim or concern. If you are unable to visit our offices, our lawyers will visit you.

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