PACE LAW’s commercial litigation group provides strategic legal support by representing professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses, as well as providing assistance to other lawyers who may require support in representing a client on a commercial litigation matter.

Experience and Resources

Our team partners with other lawyers who have commercial litigation files that confront them with demands beyond their resources or who require specific assistance in resolving their case or bringing it to trial. In such instances, our team can provide the legal experience, resources, and support that sole practitioners or small firms may lack, thereby allowing for more effective and efficient representation. Don Fiske offers unique acumen and skills to lawyers who require the assistance of an experienced commercial litigator and accomplished trial lawyer.

Electronic Discovery Support

The recent development of electronic discovery poses significant challenges to the entire legal profession, but particularly to those commercial litigators who do not have extensive support staff.  During this transitional period, commercial litigators must adapt in a proactive and constructive manner to the dramatic changes in the dispute resolution landscape.  We are willing to join with other lawyers in meeting what might otherwise be onerous or even overwhelming demands in managing the electronic discovery process.


We approach each file in terms of its own merits and are willing to negotiate terms that are satisfactory to all parties involved. In addition to providing strategic support in assessing a file and furthering its progress, our team possesses the expertise to address a wide range of tasks such as investigations, research, e-discovery, drafting documents, trial preparation and representation.  Our goal is to provide effective representation without duplication and overlap between firms.

Knowledgeable and Experienced Litigation Support

Our commercial litigation team recognizes the importance of other firms’ relationships with their clients and respects the integrity of other lawyers’ relationships with their clients. We will not interfere with your relationship to your client; our aim is to provide knowledgeable and experienced litigation support. Contact us today.