Having represented construction firms and building suppliers for many years, as well as individuals involved in construction-related disputes, Don Fiske possesses considerable experience with respect to knowledge and interpretation of the Construction Lien Act (CLA) and the intricacies of the processes involved in adhering to and enforcing the CLA.

Don Fiske

Mr. Fiske’s knowledge of construction and construction lien disputes has been acquired through his representation of numerous and varied parties to such actions, including contractors, sub-contractors, trades people, suppliers and building owners. Moreover, in acting on behalf of clients with respect to both residential and commercial construction disputes, Mr. Fiske has also addressed issues such as lien and trust claims that arise from a construction lien, and personal legal actions involving claims against a contractor, corporation or individual.

Decades of Experience

Don Fiske’s wealth of hands-on experience informs his approach to advising clients of their options in resolving their construction-related disputes in an efficient and cost-effective manner. For those parties who have missed deadlines and thereby forfeited the right to register liens, Mr. Fiske is well-acquainted with alternative remedies and can guide and assist clients in exercising those options that do remain available to them.

Accomplished Trial Lawyer

As construction lien actions frequently arise in the context of broader commercial disputes — such as those involving debtor/creditor issues, mechanics’ liens or breach of contract — Mr. Fiske’s commercial litigation background makes him especially well-qualified to assess the significance of such disputes in terms of those circumstances that demand a unique strategic approach.

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