Car Accidents can be inevitable in Toronto

According to a recent Allstate Study, Toronto ranked 69th in Canada with 6.45 car accidents per 100 vehicles.* Essentially, that means if you drive in the city long enough, you’re going to get into an accident. And when you do, having clear instructions to follow will help.


It’s designed by car accident lawyers to keep you calm

After a car accident, you’ll have trouble thinking clearly. This is due to the extra adrenaline your body produces when it experiences trauma. In the moment, your hearing will become tunneled and you won’t be able to make rational decisions. But it gets even worse a few hours later when the unexpected release of intense emotion that was suppressed during the adrenaline surge leads to irrationality, most often in the form of crying.


In this state, an experienced car accident lawyer will be able to calmly assess the situation, tell you what your rights are and get you acting in your best interests.


You can find a car accident lawyer right away

And he or she will make sure you’re compensated fairly for your injuries, because the damage to your body caused by even a minor car accident can have lingering and sometimes debilitating effects. If that’s the case, you’ll need to have documentation of any medical treatment you sought out, and you’ll need to get it in short order. An experienced car accident lawyer will keep records of all this for you and prepare them in a way courts and insurance companies prefer so you’re not at risk of losing out on compensation.


You can capture the right information

The scene of an car accident can be chaotic, especially if multiple cars are involved. Everyone involved will have their own account of what happened, and it’s usually the loudest person that gets his or her way. An experienced car accident lawyer won’t have to shout on your behalf to represent you and your interests. They’ll most likely have been involved with cases just like yours, they’ll most likely have experience working with or against any other retained car accident lawyers. By capturing everything correctly through the app, they’ll definitely be able to advocate on your behalf so you can relax and get on with your life.


If you live in Toronto and don’t have our car accident app yet, add it now. We’ve represented car accident victims all over Toronto, we have experience with every kind of accident and we’ll be ready when you call.


*Interestingly, Halifax and Ajax tied for the worst rate in Canada with 7.12 accidents per 100 cars.

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