10 Worst Intersections For Pedestrian Accidents In Toronto

By Pace Law | May 13, 2013

The Toronto Star quotes a study which looks at the 10 worst Toronto intersections for pedestrian accidents.They also go on to describe the situations which may put a pedestrian at the most risk of personal injury.

The number one cause of pedestrian/vehicle accidents turns out to be cars making left turns while pedestrians have the right of way:

The city study found that by far the most car-pedestrian intersection collisions happened when cars turning left struck pedestrians crossing with the right of way: 39 per cent, or 1,864. Twenty per cent, or 951, occurred when right-turning cars struck pedestrians who had the right of way. Collisions between cars driving straight through and pedestrians crossing without the right of way accounted for 13 per cent, or 639 in total.

This study looked at the number of accidents between 2007 to 2011.

Always be aware of your surroundings when crossing any intersection, and be especially careful of cars turning the corners