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Pace Law Firm personal injury lawyer Allan Chapnik achieved an extraordinary result for one of our clients. The client, whom we’ll call C.A., was involved in a catastrophic motor vehicle accident caused by another driver. Unfortunately for C.A., the vehicle he was driving was uninsured. Since the law states that an uninsured motorist cannot recover damages arising from a motor vehicle accident, C.A. was faced with the prospect of receiving absolutely no compensation for his injuries.

When C.A. saw his lawyer, the lawyer told him that nothing could be done. That lawyer referred C.A. to Allan Chapnik, a lawyer specializing in personal injury claims, including those arising from motor vehicle accidents.

Allan found a loophole in the legislation, clearing the way for C.A. to receive compensation. However, the at-fault driver’s insurance company continued to resist payment. Allan then took the insured to Court and won, whereby the judge agreed that the loophole found by Allan did in fact exist. A mere eight weeks later, the insurance company settled the case for $2,600,000.