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ATV / Snowmobile Accident Lawyers

Pace Law Firm’s personal injury lawyers are seasoned in handling all types of recreational vehicle and all-terrain vehicle (ATV) accidents including Jet Skis and personal watercraft crashes; boat accidents (including drowning); four-wheeler accidents; snowmobile and snow sled accidents. It is important to have this specialized experience because insurance coverage, vehicle-usage scenarios and the laws governing and relating to recreational vehicles can vary greatly from those pertaining to cars and trucks. For example:

  • Recreational vehicles are often loaned to others, which may affect insurance coverage
  • Many individuals who operate recreational vehicles are not licensed, which can affect insurance coverage and liability.

Injured in an ATV or snowmobile accident?

Our Toronto recreational vehicle accident lawyers have handled dozens of cases involving ATV accidents, three-wheeler accidents, snowmobile accidents, and boating accidents, and have recovered considerable compensation for clients injured or killed in recreational vehicles. Cases may involve anything from ATV rollovers, boat malfunctions, motorcycle crashes, and numerous other recreational vehicle injuries. Our team includes:

  • A qualified specialist in civil litigation and dispute resolution
  • Lawyers whose legal abilities and ethics are recognized in Martindale-Hubbell publications
  • A registered practical nurse and critical care health care worker, now a practising lawyer on staff
  • Former insurance adjusters

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