News and Events

News and Events

Pace Law Firm BBQ Raises $6000 for Collingwood Hospital

On Saturday, July 26, 2014, Pace Law Firm hosted a BBQ in Collingwood to raise money for the Collingwood G&M Hospital Foundation. On offer were Loonie Hot Dogs and Toonie Burgers. We're proud to report that we raised $6000 for the foundation. It was a great day, with beautiful weather and generous people in attendance.

Thanks to the staff for making it happen, and thanks to the people who came out in support of a great cause.

See more pics from the event here.

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Pace lawyer Albert Conforzi Included in the Lexpert Directory

Albert Conforzi Listed in the Lexpert Legal Expert Directory

We are pleased to announce that Pace lawyer Albert Conforzi has been included in the Lexpert directory as a leader in his field.

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50 Occupations for Express Entry Visa

The CBC highlights the express entry visa here, along with the 50 occupations that the government is looking to fill. They will process 1000 applications out of the occupations below.

Contact us if you wish to submit an application.

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Express Entry Visa For Foreign Workers to Begin in 2015

From the CBC, more news about the impending Express Entry visa:

The federal government is addressing one of the main criticisms of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program through a new immigration system it plans to launch in 2015.

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New Long-Term Study Looks at Head and Brain Injury

Due to a number of lawsuits involving high profile sports leagues, including the NFL and NHL, head injury research is becoming a regular feature in the news. Now, the Toronto Star reports on a new study that is taking this research to a whole new level:

It’s not every day that someone asks me to lend my brain to science and offers me a lumbar puncture to extract spinal fluid for research.

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Campaign Seeks to End Distracted Driving

June 3, 2014: The CBC highlights a new campaign called #PracticeSafeText which seeks to stop distracted driving:

Sending a text message while behind the wheel and other forms of distracted driving can be devastating to families, a group of Ontario teens heard Monday as part of a new national awareness campaign called #PracticeSafeText.

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Police Urge Motorcycle Safety

A report from CTV notes that while warmer weather means the return of motorcycle season, it also means the return of motorcycle accidents. Riders and drivers take heed:

While blues skies and warmer weather may mean the start of motorcycle season for many riders, a rash of deadly motorcycle accidents across the GTA serves as a stark reminder of the dangers that exist when cars and motorcycles share the road.

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Toronto Star: Ontario Should Have its Own Immigration Program

The Toronto Star has an interesting opinion piece that says Ontario, like Quebec, should have its own immigration program:

The Constitution grants concurrent power to the provinces and Ottawa over immigration. Quebec wisely took full control over immigration in 1991. It is time for Ontario to do likewise.

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Boat Safety: Wear Your Lifejacket

May 16, 2014: With the May long weekend upon us, no doubt many of us are heading to the cottage to enjoy some fun on board fishing and ski boats. Unfortunately, when boating season starts, so do the boating accidents. Remember to be careful out there. As this report from the OPP points out, the most important thing you can do to protect yourself from death is wear your lifejacket:

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