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The Ideal Client

There is tons of information online about how to select the right lawyer, but what many people don’t consider is what makes them a great client. While this may sound humorous, there is merit in this self-evaluation because the more boxes that can be checked on the  “best client list”, the better the outcome of…

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Sharing the Road: Drivers & Cyclists

Regardless of rules, legal consequence or legislation, what will ultimately protect lives and improve the road-sharing experience is vigilance and education. In our profession we see too many people that have suffered an injury that changes their life forever. Toronto’s traffic warrant system is currently under review with a new report to be released sometime…


The Top 10 Mistakes that Can Hurt Your Injury Case

A personal injury is any kind of physical, mental, or emotional damage sustained from an accident through no fault of your own. This could be due to road traffic accidents, work accidents, tripping accidents, assault claims, product liability claims, and medical negligence claims. If you have suffered a personal injury and are seeking litigation, there…

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The Ultimate Cottage Guide

What is the ultimate summer relaxation spot? Canadians are choosing the cottage. Sixty-eight per cent of Canadians would rather spend a long weekend lounging at the cottage or cabin over a big city getaway. The premise of a remote cottage visit is to erase everyday worries. But lowered inhibitions can often lead to unexpected dangers.…

Cottage Life