One For The Road

Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer Albert Conforzi – If you’re like me, you may have had children returning to college or university this past long weekend. After the annual drop-off is done, and the parental units are safely on their way back home, it’s anyone’s guess what their kids get up to during that first week…


Alleged Insurance Fraud Makes a Big Splash

Albert Conforzi Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer Albert Conforzi – I read with interest about the recent arrests made in alleged fraudulent staged collisions in the GTA. It is likely we will never hear whether a single conviction takes place. The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) spent a total of 18 months investigating 9 collisions before…


Simple Letter Solves Problem

by Toronto Lawyer Allan Chapnik: Yesterday, over the phone, a potential new client told me that his mother had passed away and the insurance company refused to pay out on the credit insurance she had on a loan from the bank. They said it was because she died within 12 months of the loan (and…

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