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Why Personal Injury Law?

Toronto personal injury lawyer Albert Conforzi: The choice of a specialty area in law is often somewhat random for young lawyers. They may be influenced by their teachers and peers, or perhaps television shows. It may depend on where they got an articling position right out of school. Sometimes, if they have a parent who…

Albert Conforzi

Doctor Fired For Not Changing Her Medical Opinion To WSIB’s Liking?

Toronto personal injury lawyer Albert Coforzi: An interesting case out of Hamilton, which throws some light on the behind-the-scenes workings of insurance companies and medical exams. Doctor’s Orders If a doctor examines you and says you’re sick or injured, it’s the medical expert’s opinion that counts, right? Perhaps not: A Hamilton-area physician is suing the Workplace Safety…


How Are Personal Injury Damages Calculated?

When it comes to calculating personal injury damages, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. Just as we are all unique individuals, every personal injury case is different. When calculating damages, the lawyer has to take into account many variables, such as the plaintiff’s age, work history, financial situation, number of dependents, type of injury, recovery…

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