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At PACE LAW, we provide legal guidance to employers and employees in a broad range of employment-related issues, including terminations. This sensitive area calls for thorough preparation on the part of the employer in order to avoid disputes and costly litigation.

Fair Termination Packages

Our knowledgeable lawyers help employers create cost-effective termination packages designed to prevent conflicts and legal challenges. Conducting terminations in the proper manner and treating employees fairly and professionally throughout the process is crucial to a fair and successful outcome. Our employment lawyers understand the potential costs associated with a termination, both on the part of the employer as well as the employee.

No Cause Terminations vs. Just Cause Terminations

In Ontario, employers have the right to terminate for no cause, but they must provide reasonable notice or pay in lieu thereof. At a minimum, specific guidelines must be followed regarding the length of notice based on the length of an employee’s service. Interpreting and following these guidelines can be challenging, particularly if an employer is terminating more than one employee.

In a just cause termination, an employer is justified in terminating an employee without providing adequate notice or payment. While each situation is unique, a very high standard must be met in order for an employer to terminate someone for just cause.

As an employer prepares to terminate one or multiple employees, our lawyers can assist in facilitating the process and protecting the rights of the employer. We also represent the terminated employee, should the employee feel he or she was not terminated properly. These cases may involve allegations of discrimination, harassment or human rights violations.