Both employees and employers are entitled to, and governed by, certain rights and obligations under the law. At PACE LAW, we provide legal guidance to both employers and employees, and represent parties involved in escalated disputes and employment matters. We offer our clients not only legal knowledge of Ontario employment and labour laws, but also more than 25 years of hands-on experience in corporate human resources. This unique blend of legal and business experience sets us apart from other lawyers and gives us a strong understanding of our clients’ needs and goals.

Employer Rights

Some of the rights afforded to employers include the right to hire qualified employees, and the right to expect that employees will work to the best of their abilities and follow company policies and procedures. At PACE LAW, we know that asserting employers’ rights is strongly connected to the company’s employee relations and recruitment practices; we provide proactive guidance with these and other areas.

Employer Obligations

Employers have certain legal obligations they must follow regarding employment matters, many of which can be complex and difficult to define when an issue arises. Our lawyers provide consultation to employers in all areas of employment and labour law, including, but not limited to, their obligations to provide the following:

  • Clear policies and procedures for employees
  • A safe and healthy work environment for employees
  • A safe work environment free of harassment

Employee Rights and Obligations

Employees’ rights and obligations closely correspond with the rights and obligations of employers. For example, employees have the right to a safe and healthy environment free of discrimination and harassment, and the right to take action if these rights have been denied. They have clearly defined rights regarding vacation pay, termination and dismissal, statutory holidays and maternal leave. PACE LAW can provide expert counsel and assistance in all matters related to the employer/employee relationship and will guide the employer through these issues.