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In the employer/employee relationship, both parties must realize they are equals. When disputes arise, too often, these disputes become drawn-out and end up costing everyone time and money. At PACE LAW, we can assist in resolving these disputes and provide effective representation to individual and business clients in a wide range of labour relations and employment matters.

We will make sure your rights are protected, and we will vigorously negotiate in your best interests. We are experienced advocates for clients during the collective bargaining process. Our lawyers are skilled in conflict resolution, including arbitration and mediation, and we can provide reliable guidance in these areas.

It is important for both sides to understand the value of working together in an environment of mutual respect and trust. At PACE LAW, we encourage our clients to take a step back from the issue and let us provide them with an impartial view. Often, people become so close to the conflict that it is difficult for them to see the reality of the situation objectively.

Representing Employers

Many businesses do not have the resources needed to focus on fostering ongoing employment relationships. At times, employees may be perceived as trying to take advantage of the companies for whom they work . At PACE LAW, we protect the interests of employers, and we work to ensure employer rights are preserved and not exploited. Our employment and labour law department is led by a former corporate HR executive with 25 years experience.

Representing Employees

Employment disputes can arise from any number of issues such as hours worked, termination, demotion, wages and benefits. Employees may be subject to collective bargaining agreements that outline the dispute resolution process between the union and the employer. Other employees not represented by a union face different issues in dispute resolution with the employer. Efficient and positive resolution remains the ultimate goal and PACE LAW can help you reach that goal.

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