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Often, employers and employees do not pay attention to employment-related matters until there is a breakdown in communication or a conflict arises.

We can manage and advise on employment and labour issues at all stages. Whether an employer is seeking guidance while preparing employment policies and procedures, or an employee feels that he or she has been mistreated by the employer, our team of experienced Ontario lawyers will provide the trusted legal guidance that is needed by the client.

Employees Are Valuable Assets

The employer begins to invest in the employee from the very first interview; the employer invests time, resources and money into identifying, hiring and training the right candidate for the job. At PACE LAW, we encourage employers to view their employees as valuable assets, and a successful business needs to safeguard its assets. We help employers recognize that their investment must be protected in order to avoid the unnecessary costs resulting from employee turnover.

Our team will analyze your employment practices, carefully examining important aspects of your company’s employee relations, including:

  • Management style
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee performance and rewards
  • Matters of control
  • Termination practices
  • Workplace accommodations
  • Employee discipline
  • Time off and leaves of absence
  • Employee rights
  • Employee policies and procedures

If you are an employer or an employee involved in a labour issue or in an escalated conflict over an employment matter, we have the expertise and experience to represent you at all levels up to and including trial.